Embodied Dreamwork/Imagination Groups


There are several EI/EDW groups in Japan:

  1. The oldest and the largest is NEDW (Nippon Embodied Dreamwork), established in 2001 in Tokyo. The group meets monthly for the members as well as to hold introductory workshops, twice a year, for beginners.
  2. There are also active groups are in Sendai, Kanazawa and Osaka.
    Each group functions separately according to their own rules.
    For more information, go to the Embodied Imagination Japan website.

EI Japan Leader Training Program

This program is part of Embodied Imagination® – Japan, led by 2 Japanese Embodiment Therapists, Kenji Uzuki and Kazuko Ikuno.

  1. Trainees are required to attend monthly on-line meetings and an annual off-line intensive camp (for 2-3days), to engage in one-on-one practice sessions with other trainees on/off-line at least twice in every 3months.
  2. There are 5 steps in the program and all trainees learn together regardless of the steps.
  3. Trainees can take a graduation exam any time after reaching the 5th
  4. It is strongly recommended that those who want to join this Leader Training Program have considerable experience in Embodied Dreamwork before joining the training.
  5. Trainees can remain in the training program for up to 3 years as they work through the five steps.

More information, please contact us.


Kenji Uzuki     k-uzuki@konan-wu.ac.jp

Kazuko Ikuno   kazukoikuno@gmail.com

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