Friends of the Society

A Friend of Embodied Imagination® is a membership category open to those who wish to support the work of the International Society of Embodied Imagination® through financial donations, scholarships or other means.

Join the Friends of the International Society of Embodied Imagination® and become an active member in a community that supports the study, research, and continued exploration of Embodiment.

Membership in Friends of the Society is for anyone, layperson or professional, who is interested in our mission: To provide a forum that encourages a dialogue between people involved in Embodiment work through the membership base, conferences, and on-line groups.



Annual membership dues: $50.00

Members receive a range of benefits including:

  • Access to our Newsletter
  • 10% reduced fee for attendance at the International Society Conference
  • Opportunities to connect with other EI practitioners, researchers and dreamworkers
  • An option to pay $150.00 for the year includes a free dreamwork session with one of our Therapists or Practitioners.

Embodied Imagination