Online Groups


In ancient Greece, groups gathered at Epidaurus
to invoke dreams with the help of healing snakes.

Today, groups gather in an Asklepian temple in “cyberspace” (Skype or Zoom), invoking dreams from around the world. The sites have changed but the tradition remains the same….

Since 1997 has been committed to real-time, interactive, Jungian based group dreamwork on the Internet. Groups of 5 or more people meet in real time, in a virtual, private conference room connected to the audio/video program of either Skype or Zoom. Here, under the guidance of an Embodied Imagination® Therapist or Practitioner, members focus on an exploration of the creative imagination.

To join a Cyberdreamwork Group, simply contact the site’s webmaster ( and express an interest in becoming part of the Cyberdreamwork community.
Some groups are FREE. The only requirements are an interest in becoming part of a monthly dream group for a minimum of one year and a desire to work on your own dreams and the dreams of others.

Here is an example of the e-mail we send to all new group members:

to your
Cyberdreamwork Group

Jill Fischer PsyA (from Connecticut-USA) is the Embodied Imagination® Therapist for this Cyberdreamwork Group.

Please download and send along your Skype ( log on name.

Your Cyberdreamwork Group will be meeting once a month on a:

Sunday at 10:00 AM EST

The date of each subsequent session is decided by the group each time they meet. Be assured if you have a problem connecting, your group leader or co-leader will always try to reach you.

To review, here are the e-mail addresses of all the group participants. E-mail addresses are confidential and should not be forwarded to anyone outside the group without the permission of the dreamers.

Mary Smith

Bob Smith

When sending emails that respond to a dream session, please send your communications to all group members so no one is left out.


Here are directions for connecting on Skype.

On the Sunday we meet:
(Print These Instructions)

  1. Log on to the Internet via your ISP (for ex.;
  2. Connect to the Skype
    [You will need a microphone and speakers (preferably a headset) which can be plugged into your computer. This eliminates feedback and allows for the best reception when calling and simultaneously communicating with several cyberdreamers living in other parts of the country or world.]
  3. The group leader will open and invite you into our confidential, private group.
  4. If more than 10 people join at any one time the group leader will send you an invitation to join us in a Zoom meeting room. All you will have to do is press on the link you will receive in an e-mail and enter our private meeting room.
  5. If you have any problems you can always text or call the group leader or the co-leader (numbers will be provided).
  6. Please send along your phone number.


Embodied Imagination