Embodied Imagination

The International Society for Embodied Imagination®

And suddenly we find ourselves inside a dream. We are in a world that surrounds us entirely. Each dream is an act of genius. Embodied Imagination® takes the way we are while dreaming as the paradigmatic experience of all creative imagination. Daytime memories too are in part creative imagination triggered by an imprint from our daily lives, not just an identical rewind. Approaching creative imagination in this manner has an enlivening effect that is therapeutic and creative, affecting body and soul.

Developed by Robert Bosnak over the past 40 years, the method is based on principles first developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, especially in his work on alchemy and on the work of American archetypal psychologist James Hillman, who focused on psyche as a simultaneous multiplicity of autonomous states. Phenomenology, ancient incubation techniques, complexity theory and neuroscience are also integral to Embodied Imagination®.

The first principle of Embodied Imagination® is to view the dream as a live environment. The dreamer re-enters the landscape and images of the dream, or memory to more fully and deeply explore and experience them. Working on images from this perspective stimulates unfamiliar states of consciousness which the dreamer is helped to contain in expanded body awareness.

Working in this way accesses the potential for change, healing and creativity.

Embodied Imagination® is effective in working with dreams, memories, health issues, business development, creative arts and scientific exploration.

Embodied Imagination